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Category: E. E. I. Challenge

Eating Ethically – Cooking with Green Chef

In which I explore eating ethically and efficiently by unboxing “Green Chef.”

E. E. I Challenge – Week One

One Week into “Buying Nothing New.”

On Waking Up

Waking up early. I love it. I hate it. Actually, I hate the way I start dragging after a while…

Buy Nothing New Challenge – Day Four

Right now, taking away the choice to spend actually makes my mind more at peace. I don’t have to agonize over the decision of whether to purchase something or save it, or if spending my money on this or that is really justified.

E. E. I Challenge – Buying Nothing New Year

Why I’m taking the “Buy Nothing New” challenge. Spending a year mastering my money and finding ways to live ethically.

E. E. I. Challenge – Common Sense vs Conscience

It does feel a bit like conscience and common sense are battling in my brain, but I realized even if they are – people who live according to their highest ideals have fared better than people who listened to fears driving by common sense.

E.E.I. Challenge – Writing Challenge

Evaluate, Eliminate, Initiate – Observing My Writing Routine

E. E. I – Morning Routine in Action

It’s a safe bet to say that if I actually have an alarm clock set, I will wake before it…

Nightly Questions

Four questions to help you have a smooth morning.

E.E.I. #1 – Morning Routine

So today I walked through my morning routine, looking for ways to streamline basic things. I’ve spent earlier this year…

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