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Living up the 1940’s in the Luther Hotel

Bringing stories and stars to life, celebrating the 1940s, the Luther Hotel and the stars who stayed there.

Coming out of Hiding

  I used to be affected by other people’s words. I used to flinch when they called me sheltered. I…

A Page From My Diary

I’m home. I have music and at least an hour in which I could fully focus on writing. Fully, that…

Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

I finished not one, but two chapters yesterday and today. Four posted in two days. I’ll take those numbers. Setting…

Buy Nothing New Challenge – Day Four

Right now, taking away the choice to spend actually makes my mind more at peace. I don’t have to agonize over the decision of whether to purchase something or save it, or if spending my money on this or that is really justified.

Why I Broke Up with Amazon

Why I decided not to publish with or distribute my books through Amazon.

E.E.I. Challenge – Writing Challenge

Evaluate, Eliminate, Initiate – Observing My Writing Routine

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