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Month: March 2016

A Page From My Diary

I’m home. I have music and at least an hour in which I could fully focus on writing. Fully, that…

E. E. I Challenge – Week One

One Week into “Buying Nothing New.”

Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

I finished not one, but two chapters yesterday and today. Four posted in two days. I’ll take those numbers. Setting…

Finding my Voice

Today Brussels was attacked by bombs. My heart aches for them, still remembering everything about September 11th. It doesn’t matter…

On Waking Up

Waking up early. I love it. I hate it. Actually, I hate the way I start dragging after a while…

Buy Nothing New Challenge – Day Four

Right now, taking away the choice to spend actually makes my mind more at peace. I don’t have to agonize over the decision of whether to purchase something or save it, or if spending my money on this or that is really justified.

E. E. I Challenge – Buying Nothing New Year

Why I’m taking the “Buy Nothing New” challenge. Spending a year mastering my money and finding ways to live ethically.

Why I Broke Up with Amazon

Why I decided not to publish with or distribute my books through Amazon.

E. E. I. Challenge – Common Sense vs Conscience

It does feel a bit like conscience and common sense are battling in my brain, but I realized even if they are – people who live according to their highest ideals have fared better than people who listened to fears driving by common sense.

E.E.I. Challenge – Writing Challenge

Evaluate, Eliminate, Initiate – Observing My Writing Routine

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