Swing-Cover-solo-front.jpgOrphaned and the only caretaker for his crippled brother, Trey Cunningham works at the local soda shop after school. Though he’s the best dancer in town, the missing growth spurts and local bullies team together to obliterate his chances to find a girlfriend. When another orphan arrives in town, she seems the perfect partner — if she was allowed to dance. But the girl of his dreams hides secrets far more dangerous than forbidden dance lessons. Caught between the growing tension between his brother and the growing suspicion of townsfolk, Trey must decide how far he’s willing to go to protect the two people he loves most.

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Sometimes there are too many scenes to include them all in the book. Sometimes backstories make great short stories. And other times I get the random urge to share a book chapter by chapter as it’s written. So I decided to share the things my readers would miss in the book. Do you have a favorite character you wish you could see more of? Wish granted! Explore here. (And do let me know if that character you were just dying not to let go of, or that scene you wonder more about isn’t here! Perhaps we can remedy that together.) Above all, have fun! That’s what storytelling is all about!


Meet Trey

A short story about a young Trey Cunningham discovering that older siblings who are growing up can get as messy as a bribed and melting ice cream.

Meet Lila

She shouldn’t be walking at night. She shouldn’t be watching the soldiers dance. But Lila’s never been keen on doing as she’s told.

Meet Dave

Letters home were never easy to write, especially when the bombs and gunshots are coming closer.

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