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Author PhotoI adore a beautiful book and the older it is, the better. I take a while to get through a book, so I’m selective about which books I want to invest in. I write even more than I read. My dream is to bring back the “luxury novel,” combing artistic images and typography inside beautiful covers to create stories you’ll never forget inside books that you can’t resist. In the future, I hope to own my own printing press and bindery so I can create these types of books. ๐Ÿ™‚ For now, I am the author of “Across the Distance” which will come out in January of 2016, “Swing” and the “Secret of Sentarra” series.

I wish I could make myself sound impressive. I wish I could tell you how I published a book when I was twenty-three, releasing it to a world where it gleaned rave reviews and spread like wildfire. I wish I could decorate this blog with beautiful pictures of myself and my life, illustrating my fantastic travels, elegant social events and inspiring writing retreats. (Is that too many adjectives?) Perhaps I would introduce you to my gorgeous boyfriend who is fit, healthy and happens to be passionate about fighting modern-day slavery. I would also introduce a list of published novels for your perusal and tell funny stories about rehearsing my latest acting gig.

But fiction belongs in my books, not my blog.

I did publish my first book when I was twenty-three. I sold around 200 copies and spent the next few years researching as much as I could about writing, editing, page layout and the publishing business. I’m caught in the swirling whirlpool of perfect and professional – and published. My life is not elegant. At best, it is quaint. My camera recently died and I stink at taking selfies. I have no boyfriend, gorgeous or otherwise.

I’ve been putting my life on hold until I figure out how to live it. I’ve been paralyzed by the pursuit of perfection. Lately,ย  I’ve been realizing just how much this effort has decreased my progress.

I will never be perfect.

I will never know everything there is to know about something. I will never release a flawless book. In the past my response has been to work harder, rework my writing schedule, read another book, rewrite another draft.

But life isn’t about perfection. It’s about practice.

I will become a better publisher only by publishing. I will only improve my life by living it. It’s not going to wait for me to gather my thoughts, form a fool-proof plan and try to hide the fact that I am a human.

So from now on:

I will be authentic.

I will be imperfect.

I will do the best I can with the knowledge and resources that I currently possess.

And perhaps I’ll find out that this imperfect life is perfect for me.

So please join me, my friends, as I release each of my novels and introduce you to my fictional people and worlds.


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  1. I loved Swing. Thanks for sharing your gift

    • Thank you so much for letting me know! I hope you found all the short stories about the characters here. I’d like to do a Christmas special sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚ Any requests?

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you love it. I’m hoping to do a stage production of it next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just visited with your father, and he suggested I read “Across the Distance”. Where can I purchase a copy of this book?

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