Sneak-Peeks, Short Stories, and Extras


Sometimes there is just too many scenes to include them all in the book. Sometimes backstories make great short stories. And other times I get the random urge to share a book chapter by chapter as it’s written. So I decided to share the things my readers would miss in the book. Do you have a favorite character you wish you could see more of? Wish granted! Explore here. (And do let me know if that charecter you were just dying not to let go of, or that scene you wonder more about isn’t here! Perhaps we can remedy that together.) Above all, have fun! That’s what story-telling is all about!


ATD - comp 04a

Across the Distance

Meet Scarlet: The original chapter openings for Scarlet Beldon. Scarlet gains and looses a step-mother.

Meet Andrew: Sometimes a scene is just too good for one person’s point of view. Here is Andrew and Clara’s meeting from the side of the boy. 😉

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Meet Trey A short story about a young Trey Cunningham discovering that older siblings who are growing up can get as messy as a bribed and melting ice cream.

Meet Lila She shouldn’t be walking at night. She shouldn’t be watching the soldiers dance. But Lila’s never been keen on doing as she’s told.

Meet Dave Letters home were never easy to write, especially when the bombs and gunshots are coming closer.

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The Secret of Sentarra

The Secret of Sentarra


The Secret of Sentarra Series

The Secret of Sentarra is my series for 2016. A much younger version of myself released the first book in 2011. The 2nd book is completed and half of the 3rd is drafted. Now I’ve decided to turn my older, more experienced eyes upon the first book (currently out of print). In a nutshell, I’ve left amateur hour. I’m re-releasing the first book after revamping the style and the series is already lined up for this year and next. I thought it would be fun to post each chapter here as I revise it for my reader friends to follow. If you read the original book, not to worry. The storyline is the same if you chose to jump straight to the second book, but if you’d like to brush up or get a more intimate glimpse into the lives of the characters, here is your chance! New readers, if you’d like a peek into the Kingdom of Eirlerre, this is the perfect way to see if it’s a place you’d like to make your reader home.

Show me the chapters!

Wait! I want to know more about this revamping thing….