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Living up the 1940’s in the Luther Hotel

Bringing stories and stars to life, celebrating the 1940s, the Luther Hotel and the stars who stayed there.

Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

I finished not one, but two chapters yesterday and today. Four posted in two days. I’ll take those numbers. Setting…

Andrew’s Arrival

Andrew Callaghan September 9, 1912 I keep thinking of my family. I haven’t played on the train at all. It…

Scarlet’s Story – Deleted Chapters

Deleted scenes from Lindsey Renee Backen’s “Across the Distance.”

Chapter Five – A Sister

Five A Sister His fingers throbbed, but he pressed them harder against the strings, coaxing trembling notes into the room….

Chapter Four – For Love of the People

Four For the People Tehveor buried his head deeper beneath the blankets as his door opened. The shuffling steps suggested…

The Calling: Chapter One

Chapter One The Dawning of a King Tehveor wondered what happened to a person who held his breath too long….

Can We Be Partners?

I’ve been toying with an idea, and I’m about to jump on it. (I think you might like it.) When…

Dave’s Story

Dear Family, Well, boot camp sure didn’t last long. I’m already halfway across the world, and I’ve seen things you…

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