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In the beginning of this year, I made a goal to release as many of my books this year as I could; ideally one every three months. I planned on re-releasing my first novel from “The Secret of Sentarra” series, along with the second book “The Captive” which is currently 3/4 of the way through its editing process. But there is another book even closer to publication, so that is my next project.

Across the Distance (Coming in May, 2015)
“Across the Distance” is a story about a modern-day girl who meets a girl from 1912 through a music box. I prepared the story for publication several years ago and even released it for a short time on Kindle. Then I pulled it, because I fell in love with the historical characters. I wanted to write more of their story and revamp it into a strictly historical fiction story, and I thought I’d have to choose between the time-travel and the “real” story. Those who read the story didn’t agree, pressing for me to keep the original story. I don’t know why I didn’t listen sooner, but last year I decided, “What the heck? Why can’t I release a time-travel story and later go into a realistic, detailed account of the lives of my characters?
What I forgot was how close I was to being ready to publish. I already have the book formatted in a complex layout. There are some story elements I want to add to enrich the story, but there is no reason I should have to redo the work. So here is my plan, people. The tale is currently 20 chapters, which means if I focus on revamping one chapter every weekday, I should be done with the interior by March 1, 2015. From there all I need to do is import my working chapter into the interior. After I get the text and layout in place, I’ll send it off to be proofed. My goal is to have the book published before or on May 26, which is my 28 birthday.
I have images from a photo shoot to use on the front cover and even video footage from a weekend when friends and I reenacted scenes from the book in the house that inspired the setting for the storyline. All that I need to do is revamp the text with what I’ve learned about writing in the last few years.
For fun, I’m going to update and keep give you an inside look at my publishing process. Whether you are interested in publishing your own book, or simply want to keep up on the process of publishing “Across the Distance.”

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