Can We Be Partners?

I’ve been toying with an idea, and I’m about to jump on it. (I think you might like it.)
When I was in high school, I began a third rewrite of a drastically-changing story about a kingdom called “Sentarra” that hid within the borders of a fictional country called “Erilerre.” (It was originally “Eriland” but I grew tired of the running joke of “Is that by nose land??) So I decided that’s not what the Irish would call their country anyway, since, technically, they don’t speak English. I switched it, published it, and now English speakers everywhere are thrown into confusion over how to pronounce the names in my book. (It’s “ear-ler-ay” if you were wondering.)
Back to business. I published the book in 2011, decided to scrap and rewrite the sequel, and discovered that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing in the publishing world. During that time, I also wrote and produced a theater production, moved to a town where I worked six different gigs to make ends meet, and started my own business teaching piano. The sequel was interrupted, started and interrupted again, before it was finally finished, but I wasn’t sure how to go about publishing without putting myself into debt.
Now, the sequel is finished (and personally, I love it). It still needs to be edited, but since I’ve cut ties with my original publisher, I also needed to reprint the first book. I dreaded this. After all, I wrote that book nine years ago. It was good, but it can be better.
So now, encouraged by how well the changes in “Across the Distance” turned out, I’ve given myself permission to revisit it. The original story is intact and will stay that way, so original readers will not be confused by the sequel. However, I’m tightening the narration to match the second book. I may also switch up the POV of certain scenes, to keep from jumping from character to character multiple times in the same chapter. I may slip in new bits about the characters, or outline a path that will lead into the next book. Think of it as the “special edition: directors cut.”
I know it’s the right choice, but I’ve been worried about pulling it off. Somewhere in the world, there are about 300 copies of the original floating around. What about those readers? Can you change a book after publishing it? I own my rights, and I want to give my readers the very best experience that I can manage.
And that’s why I’m here. I want to give you the new version of “The Calling.” I’ve been planning on making it free (at least in the beginning) on kindle when I re-release it, but why not do it now? I want motivation to keep moving through, improving the text without getting caught up in endless revisions. I want you all to have something new to read (or fairly new, if you read the original). I’d love to hear from you, what you think about the story, or what questions you have about the plot. So how about it? Are you in? I am.
I’m going to publish a page on this website with links to each chapter, so that you can read them in order and not feel lost. I’m currently on chapter seven and hoping to publish a chapter at least every other day, if not Monday-Friday. This will be a work in progress. It might change ever so slightly before the final publishing. And you will find typos, because I’m notorious for them. I will polish each chapter as best I can, and if you want to point them out, I’ll be sure and change them. But this is a work that has not been seen by an editor, and they will be there. You’ve been warned. Now I can knock that grammar monkey off my shoulder, who always screeches that my work should never be exposed to the public, because there is probably a typo in there somewhere.
Ready for some reading? Here we go!

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