A Day in the Life of a Writer

I like to periodically record what my current days look like. It helps me realize later what has (or hasn’t) changed. Today was pretty typical with one big, exciting change of routine,  so I’ll go with today. Just in case you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a writer, it looks something like this:
I rise at my leisure after my coffee pot has started its automatic brew. Slipping my feet into my silk slippers, I enjoy a hearty breakfast, check my email and go through the comments on my website from adoring fans. Then I spend the rest of the day with my fingers against the keys, pattering out words that come perfectly the first time.  When I’m done writing, that’s it. I’m done. I can go outside and play.
Yes. I’m kidding. Or daydreaming.
So today started at 6:15 with my weird, brain is awake but eyes won’t stay open routine that I’ve fallen into for the last few weeks when my schedule got off. I did my own version of Miracle Morning, which was a lot of journaling, defining what I want out of life and getting my mental state into a positive place. I searched for breakfast, reestablishing the fact that I need to get groceries, and got ready to start writing by 8:00. That’s when I decided that “Across the Distance” has waited long enough. It’s been three weeks since I’ve looked at it, but if I could read over it this week, I could have it sent off to the beta readers by the end of the month and feel like another book is back on the fast track to publishing. I’m working on going through “The Calling” every day, but I’m far enough from the beginning that it feels like progress has slowed – and I’m nowhere near the end. Ending a month in the middle of one project is all right. Ending it in the middle of two is discouraging, so I made the switch.
I edit with my Kindle’s read-back feature. It keeps my eyes from skimming sentences, and I can hear if there are words missing. If I see something that needs to be addressed, I highlight it and go on. Usually, I have a system for colors meaning different things, but today it was pretty much whatever color I hit. By noon, I’d gotten through over 25% of the book, which means I could be through the read-through as early as Monday if I don’t take the weekend off.
At noon, I ran into the grocery issue again, so I took myself to lunch and picked up a few groceries on the way home. I like to water my plants-and cat-at noon (yes, I know it’s bad for them) so that I get a bit of a break outside.
I then spent a little over an hour working on an editing project for a client. Afternoons are dedicated to the business side of my publishing venture, returning emails, phone calls or correspondence. I have different days of the week for different focuses, which could be recording finances, errands, website, ect. The afternoon is also when I’ve been reading the chapters for “The Calling” before I post them to the website. (I haven’t done that yet today.)
So far this system works very well, keeping me from that panicked feeling of, “Oh my gosh! When am I going to do all of these things??”
I have some exciting secret projects in the works, but none that are official enough to share yet.  Stay tuned and hopefully I can share soon! In the meantime, I still need to work on the website, review and post today’s chapter, and do the house chores.
Hope everyone is having wonderful, happy and productive days!

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