You Is What You Think You Is.

I finished a conference by Sandra Gallagher and Bob Proctor, less than three hours ago. Bob Proctor shared what he’s learned over a lifetime of studying the effects of your mind on your life. The book he based this seminar on was Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” The seminar and the book did not teach how to go to bed thinking happy thoughts and wake up a millionaire. It teaches you how to shift your thoughts to be in alignment with your true goals. I read that book when I first published “The Secret of Sentarra” years ago. Honestly, I loved a lot of what it said and scrunched my eyebrows at other parts. A lot of it, I didn’t understand then. But I kept reading books and kept working on my dream. I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to share my stories. I wanted to publish books. And eventually I wanted to work on film sets to turn them into films.  My very first memory (besides the terror of getting lost in a brand new house) is my 4th birthday. I don’t remember much of the actual party but I remember we decorated the house with green streamers that hung like jungle vines. I was “Rebecca, Lost in the Jungle.”  It was a story in my head, but I imagined a VHS as well, complete with the front cover and what the back would say.
Anyway. I digress.
All that to say that when I released my book it was a step of faith. A “if I don’t take action now, I will let myself down, and I need to prove that I’m serious about this.” So I took action, jumped heels first into the world I thought I had learned enough about — and figured out I didn’t have a clue when it came to publishing.
And thus the mind-whacking started. Some things I believed on my own and others came from other people’s mouth that my mind recorded and looped.
You can’t make a living off writing novels. Maybe non-fiction articles if you’re lucky, but not novels.
That book is so dark someone’s going to think you were kept in a closet growing up.
You can’t afford a good editor, and you’ll never make back what you put into publishing.
Self-publishing will never be successful.
There’s no way you can reach your readers if you self-publish.
If people read your books, they’re going to see deep inside you and reject you.
Your book will only sell if it has sex.
Your book will only sell after it’s made into a movie – if it’s made into a movie. You don’t have the personality to be an actress — and you’re too  short.
Earlier this year, when I decided to embrace imperfection, I started something called Miracle Morning. I must admit here that I’m usually too excited in the mornings to start writing to concentrate on anything else, but the MM’s helped launch me into the next phase of my life. The phase where I said, “You know what? My books aren’t going to be perfect. But every one will be better than the last.” And I realized it would be sad if I did write my very best book because then I’d have nowhere to go from there. So I started with affirmations like:
I can do, be, or learn anything I want.
I easily write 10 pages every day.
I am not ruled by fear or manipulation.
I will write the story in my head, no matter the genera.
I will strive to write well, then let go of worry and control.
I will never allow a publisher to dictate my limits.
I will not be afraid to write controversial or uncomfortable topics. God first, character second, audience third.
And you know what? It worked.
In March, I released “Swing.”
In September, I completed the paperwork for my own publishing imprint.
“Across the Distance” is in layout and cover design stages and should be released in a few months.
“The Calling” is being revised and re-released next year, along with the second book which is was finished a year ago this week, and the third book which will be my Nanowrimo Novel in November since I am leading the group here and need to write my own novel. 😉
So tonight I decided I need to start taking the first hour of the morning to work on myself. I wanted to type up my notes from the seminar and so I did. I turned them into affirmations. And here, I’ll share them with you. If some do not make sense, I apologize, but would be happy to explain the context in which they were given. Feel free to use or modify any that you feel would benefit you or share some of your own. Your mind is powerful. Tell it what you want it to think.
1. I listen for direction, not opinion. I listen to the people who are making it happen.
2. I am disciplined, so there is no end to where I can go.
3. My situation is not impossible.
4. I provide services, without worrying about the money.
5. It doesn’t matter what I do. It matters how I do it.
6. I can learn, unlearn, and relearn to adapt to my changing environment.
7. My paradigm is my mental program that has almost exclusive control over my habitual behavior – and almost all of my behavior is habitual. Therefore, I change my paradigm to reflect what I want to become.
8. I know where I want to go, and I constantly find people who know how to do it and learn from them. I freely share what I know with others.
9. To learn, I need enough confidence to believe that I can, but not too much to think that I don’t have to learn more.
10. It’s not who I am that holds me back. It’s who I think I am.
11. When I know what I desire and make a decision, everything will be here when I need it.
12. With my will and persistence, I get what I desire.
13. Every day I become clear on exactly what I want.
14. If I am willing to terrify myself, the sky is the limit on what I can be, do and have.
15. I do not set myself up for criticism. It is not my job to convince others of my calling.
16. Even with my own goals, I leave everyone with the impression of increase.
17. In alignment with my goals, I find a way to help others become more successful.
18. I do not quit when I am overtaken by temporary defeat.
19. I know that definiteness of purpose + persistence = success.
20. I most powerfully shift my paradigm when my soul is on fire.
21. As I think in my heart, so am I.
22. I act now, like the person I want to become.
23. First, I change my world, and then I change someone else’s.
24. I commit to my dream and burn my bridges of my plan Bs.
25. I study to understand the laws which govern my conscience and sub-conscience mind so that I can consciously and deliberately develop my desires.
26. The second I decide to change my paradigm, I knock the walls of former, broken beliefs down.
27. When my paradigm shifts, the change is huge and permanent.
28. I do not lower my standard of living to meet my income. I raise my income to meet my standards of living.
29. Abundance is like air. I fill my lungs and let it go. I cannot take more than my share and there is enough for everyone.
30. I live in an abundant world. If I do not have abundance, it’s because I’ve chosen a life of lack. If I am not surrounded by the circumstances that I want, I can make them.
31. When overwhelmed, I reduce it to the ridiculous.
32. I don’t think time and money at the same time.
33. 3% of our population earns 97% of the income. Anyone can be in that 3%. I am in that 3%.
34. I visualize what I want to do, exactly as I want to do it.
35. I always choose the goals I really want, not what I think I can or know how to earn.
36. I just have to work on me.
37. I find what other people want and show them how to get it.
38. I move the paradigm out of the way, then take purposeful and definite action. I hold the idea in my mind to get into the frequency I need to have everything I need.
39. Money flows to me as easily as water and I send it where I want it to go.
40. My will is the mental faculty which will hold an idea on the screen of my mind and put me onto the frequency to execute and receive that idea.
41. Knowing that poverty and riches often change places, I create well conceived plans to prevent them from defaulting into poverty and keep them in riches.
42. When I put good out, good comes back.
43. I am compensated in the exact ratio to the need for what I do, my ability to do it, and the difficulty there will be in replacing me. All I have to focus on is my ability to do it.
44. When I make up my mind, I’m going to do what I want, the money will be there.
45. I successfully and permanently change my paradigm by repeating the new ideas until they are programmed into my mind.
46. I write my goals on cards and carry them with me.
47. Every day I get better at writing and releasing novels.
48. I earn money by multiplying time with multiple sources of income.
49. My goals are set to take little bites out of my overall vision.
50. I constantly add multiple sources of income to my life.
51. I schedule goal-achieving activities and delegate others for tasks that do not contribute to my goals.
52. I work on multiple streams of income for a short period of time and let them gain momentum and automation.
53. I start where I am with what I have now.
54. Every day I increase my publishing business by selling books to existing readers, reaching out to new readers, and writing new books that will inspire and entertain.
55. I am only limited by weakness of attention and poverty of imagination; therefore I work to increase my attention and imagination every day.
56. When I put good out, I get good back; but rarely right away. I am careful to put out only good.
57. When a suggestion enters my mind, it affects every cell of my body.
58. I change my vibration by telling my paradigm to change.
59. I build my image, override any paradigm telling me I cannot do it, and accomplish my goal until my paradigm shifts.
60. I always stretch my goals.
61. I am a pro at what I do and compete only with myself, never others.


Good goals!

4 years ago

Love it, your affirmations pretty much sum up the three days! Love your work! Cheers, Danielle

4 years ago

You go, girl! I am a proud supporter. You will reach those stars.

4 years ago

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