E.E.I. #1 – Morning Routine

So today I walked through my morning routine, looking for ways to streamline basic things. I’ve spent earlier this year playing around with waking times and routines and I’ve only been half successful. If I get up too early, I crash trying to do it long-term. If I get up too late, I want to skip as much as I can and start work and go in spurts and skips. So for now, I’m keeping it to the basics.
I’ve spent today trying to organize and streamline getting ready. When I folded the laundry, I sorted it into outfits and hung the entire outfit on a hanger. I’ve already paired down my clothes so this didn’t take too long, but it also helped me see if I had random pieces of clothing that didn’t match or that I would normally choose not to wear because of whatever reason. So now, my closet looks like this.
All I have to do for the next nine days is reach in and get a hanger. If I end up changing something, I’ll know that outfit doesn’t work. Turn around and my shoes are right there, ready to go. Alternatively, I could also lay out the outfit the night before.
Right now, it’s not feasible to keep to a timeline, so I’m not going to do it. I’ll get up at 7:00 and use an application called “Toggl” to keep track of how long the various stages take. (Because I like tracking things.)

My E.E.I Routine

7:00 – Out of bed and make it so I don’t climb back in.
I grab my outfit from the hanger, find shoes from the shelf and dress in whatever I need to teach piano later.
Hair and make up are done in the bathroom.
My pre-planned breakfast is made, eaten and cleaned up.
Then I take my tea or coffee upstairs and work through the stages of (my version) of the Miracle Morning. It’s the Life S.A.V.E.R.S if you’re wondering.

S. 1 minute of silence, which I usually use to release as much tension from my body as I can since I tend to carry it all with me.
A. Reading through my affirmations, which is a page stuck in my journal.
V. Then is my visualization where I walk through my imaginary ideal day and daydream snippets of the kind of life I want to end up with.
E. Exercise – This is the hardest for me, but I have a stretching video, Lastics, in my computer. I’ll do one segment, which is about fifteen minutes.
R. Reading – This is where I will read a chapter of “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.
S. Scribing – This is where I record my plans for the day in my “Freedom Journal.” This is something I’ve just started which helps you plan and evaluate a large goal over the course of 100 days. I’m working through it with my cousin (we’re on day 2) and Nate who is ahead in his project. My 100 day goal is to launch, “The Calling” for the “Secret of Sentarra” series. After I do that, I go to this nifty little site called 750words, which I’ve used for sometime now. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You write 750 words, which no one else can see, and you get to earn badges and things for not missing a day. I’m on there now and guess what I’ll be writing about? That’s right, it’s E.E.I blog time! (I’ll try not to post all the rambling that may go with it.) I’ll evaluate what worked the day before, what didn’t, and what needs to change. Then I’ll pick a new area to tackle.

Today I realized a lot of my morning depends on the prep for that evening. So I’ve created a list of questions and things to do every evening. If you want to look at it, go here:
So, as you may have noted, I have a lot of things I use in my routine that you might not have even heard of. If you’re interested in checking them out, here are the links in order of appearance (because that’s only fair, you know. 😉 Some, I’ve used for a long time and others are new. You’ll have to make up your own mind on the ones you want to try.
“Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod – This is a book of a simple morning routine that focuses on setting your mentality for the day. It’s self-improvement that’s easy to implant and can take from 5 minutes to over an hour, depending on your need and enthusiasm. It’s a great place to start, no matter what the rest of your day looks like.
Toggl: The basic app is free. You can pay for more features. This is very new to me (I discovered it from the Freedom Journal) so I can’t give much feedback on it yet. So far it seems easy to keep up. You press start and stop, then add the time to whichever project you’re on. If you have the paid version, you can see how much money you have (or would have if you were paid) made, and it will make up reports and things for you. I have the free version. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Lastics: Okay, I’ve had this for over a year, so I can pretty confidently talk about it. I have fibromyalgia and when I’ve done this video every day in the past, it cut my daily pain down by about 75%. It focuses on keeping your muscles long while you stretch, so even if you’re not flexible at all, you can still feel the stretching at whatever you can manage. It was great – but then it got cold downstairs and I stopped doing it. Now I can play the DVD on my computer, so I have no excuse not to get in a segment before I begin writing. Later, I may do a different DVD just to change it up, but there are four sections on this, so if I do a different one each day it should be both doable and not the exact same thing.
“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins: So far, all I’ve read of this is the first chapter. But I’ve heard about it from so many speakers that I have no problem putting it here. I’m very excited to read it. Feel free to get yourself a copy and go through it with us!
Freedom Journal: This was a kickstart that I helped support. It got off the ground with a bang. Essentially it has a morning page to help you clarify your daily plan to work on your larger goal, and a nightly recap to see how it went. It also gives you a chance to see things you’re grateful for or good things that happened so you realize, “Hey! Today was good after all!” At the end of ten days, you look to see what worked and what didn’t, then define what your plans are for the next ten days. Every 25 days, there’s a quarterly review.
750 Words: This is a free website based on the idea of “Morning Pages.” You can use it as a brain dump, a journal, a blog writing time, or write ksjdlkj ksldfk lskdak 750 times until you get your day checked off. (Not sure why you’d want to, but hey, it’s your spot. I won’t know what you write anyway.) For the more competitive amount you, there are monthly challenges where your name gets added to the Hall of Fame or demoted to the Hall of Shame on the day you miss your session. You can also set it up to show your friends how much you wrote and when, if you’re into bragging rights.
So there you are:
My morning routine.
Resources to cool stuff.
Ready to launch this thing? I’ll see you tomorrow morning. At 7:00.

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