Nightly Questions

IMG_4226(1)Smooth morning is all about the prep the night before. Here are the questions I’m answering the night before.
1: What am I wearing tomorrow?
2. What am I having for breakfast?
3. Is my room clean?
4. What’s on my calendar?
Often habits are easier to tack on at the end of habits. Seeking to do this, I’m going to establish the questions one at a time. I may put reminders up for the first bit.
After dinner I’ll do the dishes and decide ¬†what I’m having for breakfast. I’ll fill up the water boiler, measure out the coffee and write down what I’m planning on making.
Before I get into bed, I’ll decide and lay out what I’m going to wear so it’s that much easier to coax myself out of bed in the morning. I’ll also pick up things in the room that are out of place. I usually talk on the phone in the evenings so that will be an ideal time to put everything away.
When I sit down to write in my Freedom Journal, I’ll glance at the planner to make sure I’m not surprised in the morning.

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