E. E. I – Morning Routine in Action

TeaIt’s a safe bet to say that if I actually have an alarm clock set, I will wake before it goes off. I may be so worried about it not going off that I wake every hour of the night. Today, I resisted looking at the clock because if I’m anticipating it anytime in the next hour, I won’t be able to go back to sleep. Instead, I reached to peek out the curtain. Still dark. Then listened. I hear crickets, not birds. It’s safe to go back to sleep.
I did wake when it was light, looked at my clock and found it was ten till 7:00. This gave me time to sign my devices into Toggl, sneak a peek at my friend email box, and orient myself. Thanks to my prep yesterday, everything went smoothly. I made two discoveries.
1. Timing myself forces me to stay and complete a task.
I got dressed, picked up the few things out of place and prepared to go downstairs to start breakfast before I realized my hair was a mess and I didn’t put any makeup on. So I did that, listening to a book by Brian Tracy read by my trusty kindle.
2. I need at least two hours to fit in my morning routine. (Right now, Monday mornings look closer to three because of phone calls and such.) It’s okay. Today is all about finding out realistic times without working myself to a frazzle trying to fit everything into neat little time blocks.
So far today, dress, hair, make up and picking up the few things out of place in my room and the bathroom took 17 minutes.
Cooking, eating and cleaning up one hashbrown and waffle with blueberry syrup, a bottle of water and making the coffee for M.M. took 26 minutes.
My miracle morning (which did not include this 750 words or stretching which will happen just after this) took 1 hour and 9 minutes.
After that, I had a scheduled accountability call with Nate for 22 minutes.
Highlights for miracle morning: For visualization, I told my cat all about my future team

My business partner is not impressed by the projected aspirations.

for Ever Ink Press. Dingbat was not impressed and actually walked out on me. He came back in a bit and I picked up with, “So anyway,” and went on describing the kinds of people I wanted as editors, publicists and so on.
I went over my affirmations I wrote in January, finding every one still relevant, so I kept those and added a few to the bottom. Most of the time was spent on Chapter One of “Awakening the Giant Within.” There were so many good things in there, I stopped halfway through because I didn’t want to overload my brain. I love the idea of writing my personal values. I’ve run into that idea in several difference sources lately and I think it’s time I created one both for myself and for my company.
My 750 words were interrupted by two more calls. I usually have my phone off or don’t answer during the morning work hours but I’m so glad I did. The first was a woman asking questions about me and my books for a presentation she is preparing for a woman’s group. She knew me best when I was little and we lived nearby, so that was very exciting. And the second unknown number ended up being a printer I had sent a request for a book quote who was clarifying a mistake I’d made marking colored pages count, giving a repeat of the black and white. I was excited about working with a local company, but having them follow up so personally makes me really hope this will work out for my books. I’d love to work with a smaller printer where I can actually meet people and shake their hands.
All in all, here is my assessment on my current morning routine:
What works and why?
Having the prep the night before works. Hanging my clothes in sets works. Having my makeup and hair supplies together in a large, pretty box works. Pre-planning breakfast keeps me from wandering back and forth from pantry to fridge, trying to figure out what I should or can make. Being bold and answering unknown numbers on my phone works.
What doesn’t work and why?
Shoes. I’m wearing a pair of tennis shoes that have seen better days that will need to be changed before piano. My nicer shoes make getting up and down the stairs hard and put a strain on my back. So, I need to find a low or no heeled pair of dress or cowboy boots. This gives me protection going to the garden, grip going up and down stairs, but also looks sleek and nice enough to answer the door for teaching piano.
Is there anything I don’t use, need or love here?
I’m on the fence about wearing makeup every day. So far it’s eyeliner, mascara and a bit of lipstick. It makes me look put together but isn’t too hard on my face. On days I don’t teach piano, I may skip it altogether and focus on making my hair look classy.
How much money would compensate my time here?
Nobody can get me ready in the morning. Eating out might take a bit less time and clean up if I took the car. I could do it for less that $5.00 but it wouldn’t be as healthy and it would use gas unless I incorporated it into a morning walk which would take well over half an hour.
How many hours do I spend doing this every week?
I’m guessing somewhere around 3 to 4, judging by the time today.
How can it be more efficient, effective, and entertaining?
I could do something faster like oatmeal or fruit smoothies. I need to make sure I eat enough and that it’s filling because today I got hungry and shaky again around 10:00.
What needs to change until this fits into the picture of what I would like my future to look like?
My ideal future would be sitting down with a husband for a healthy breakfast. It would be worth the time and we could go over daily goals and generally have a bit of quality time before we start the day.
What already fits that picture?
My breakfasts are somewhat healthy already?
What do I love best about this place or task?
I love not having to make decisions or think about what I’m doing and I love the confidence it gives me when I get off to a good start. When people ask how I’m doing, I reply “Fantastic” and mean it.

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