On Waking Up

Waking up early. I love it. I hate it.
Actually, I hate the way I start dragging after a while of getting up before dark. If I can go to sleep early, I can keep it up, but the few nights I’m visiting or traveling or just plain can’t sleep have a way of throwing everything off kilter. I feel like I’m forever trying to hit the reset button. It’s getting easier, though.
I’m woken every morning with a coffee pot that makes five or fewer cups. Which is good because I’ve been drinking coffee like a fiend lately. It has two settings. One: Wake up and turn it on. Two: 6:00 automatic. It’s a bit of work to reset it, so it’s six or nothing. It’s in my room, so it makes enough noise to keep me from jolting awake to the beep of an alarm clock or a ringtone that trains me to be tired anytime I use it to indicate a real call.

So far, that’s worked, along with moving my Miracle Morning to the first thing. I usually get swept away reading my book and journaling so the extra hour is nice, feeling like I can take my time and still have time for breakfast and such before I start my writing day.
Something else is helping me switch my mindset as well. Do you realize that sleeping in just one hour a day makes you lose seven hours? That’s almost an extra workday. And I know you have to get enough sleep and sometimes it’s worth the loss, but I also know for me, sleeping it late means I’m going to be laying in the dark for hours, waiting to get tired. If I consistently get up early, I’m tired by night. (She says as her head bobs while she types.) So I truly am losing that hour that could have been productive because I’m trading it for a night that I’m too braindead to do anything – yet can’t sleep.
So that’s what I’m going with for now. Instead of wishing for a little more sleeping time, I’m going to start imagining all the things I could make, do or learn with that extra morning hour. Afer all, if I do this consistently enough, eventually it will become a habit and habits become easy. I’d rather end the day sleepy.
Which is good. Because that’s what I am now. I was hoping to finish editing Chapter Two today but it looks like it might have to wait for the morning.
Bright and early.

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