Hometown Book Signing

“So what time is the book signing?”
This question comes from Jami, who’s pouring bits of elastaseal on the loft as I follow with a paint roller, sealing the cracks next to the wall to keep the Texas torrents from leaking onto my computer below.
“1:00,” I say.
It’s somewhere around noon. I’m in a pair of pants that didn’t fit quite right and my “Good Vibes” shirt that looks like it’s seen better days. We finish off the can and clamber back through the window, spending a good five minutes as I scrub grey off my hands. Then changing into a classy, shiny tunic shirt and suit pants like I’m not a sweaty mess and there’s not a bit of gray clumping the hair at the end of my braid.
We decided to go to Subway for food since we’ve both had our fill of Sonic. It’s not until the carhop is handing me the bag that I look at Jami and cry, “This isn’t Subway!”
We took our Sonic food, consoling ourselves with the strawberry-limeades, to the bookstore where Jami reminded me to eat before doing anything else. So with my stomach going from hungry to hurting and full, we carried in boxes of books. Setting up the table cloth with handwriting, letters and butterflies, and adding the books with their corresponding candles.
I got a good response on the candles. Asking three different people which was their favorite, I got one answer for each of them. Lucy, the bookstore dog, wagged her tail smelling each as well. I’ll take that as a good sign. It was nice seeing some of the authors again and meeting new ones that I’d only heard about. Wayne shared my table, selling his cowboy cookbook and came up two books short of selling out. I alternated selling books in bursts, to several people who bought both and a few who choose one or the other, or got whichever they haven’t read yet.
I wrote “Old Main Bookstore” into “Across the Distance” mentioning a few locals drinking coffee during one of Scarlet’s scenes. Today I got to make one of the books out to “the man in the mustache” which was fun. When the readers slowed to a trickle, I got to talk to the other authors about their books, finding a lead for a fair-trade magazine from one and receiving a short lesson on the tax system from another. We talked Civil War family history, natural products, fair-trade and slavery issues, the possibility of doing an author day at a university next year as well as comparing notes about printer services.
All in all in four hours, I sold 2 candles, 7 copies of Swing and 19 copies of Across the Distance. I love this town and the support from everyone who shares it with me.

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