How Small Choices Make Big Changes

It’s 2019, and everyone is making changes and new starts – except me. But you know what? We don’t have to make new starts or set large goals to improve our lives. We don’t have to buy new things or clean out all the old projects from our desks. (Guilty!) It’s fun to set new goals for the new year or think of themes and if it works for you – go for it. But what about those of us who are smack dab in the middle of our lives with no room for adding any other focuses? Are we destined to a bleak year where we will be no better in December than we were in January?

No. Here’s why.

It’s my first blog post for 2019. (Quick! Think of something that sounds impressive!) I intended to write about my goals for 2019 like every other writer in the blogging universe. But my only goal is to keep doing what I’m already doing.

It’s hard to make any new starts when you’re smack dab in the middle of your projects. I’m about 3/4ths of the way through writing my 7-Book Sentarra Series. I’m 1/2 through working through the Elite Blogging Academy for my website Stage to Page. (Keep your eyes out, I’ve turned my eyes onto Backen Books, so there will be changes around here.)

In fact, the only new thing I’m learning is how to get around the glitches in the latest version of Adobe Elements so I can deliver fully edited videos from the Drone Company I’m working with now.

So now that you know more than you wanted to about where Lindsey Backen is starting 2019, we’ll look at what’s more important – where are YOU starting 2019 – or where are you starting TODAY?

We can start any day with anything – even a tiny thing. Maybe you were stiff and achy yesterday, so you stretch while you’re looking for excuses to stay in bed a little longer this morning. Perhaps you drink only one cup of coffee or soda instead of three. Or you say a kind word to the family member or friend you would normally just stay on neutral terms as you interact.

Even if you only do one thing today for yourself or someone else, and something else tomorrow, you will still be twice as better on day three as you were on day one. Little choices always add up and gain momentum. Remember, life is all about progress, not perfection. Beginnings are grand and exciting, but it’s the putting of one foot in front of the other for a very long time that gets you to the end of the race.

So join me, will you? Right here in the middle of our normal lives. We won’t jump through any impressive hoops. (Who’s watching anyway?) We won’t sprint ahead, only to collapse out of breath because we pushed too hard, too soon. We’ll just continue on, making simple choices that result in each step being a little better than our last.