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We are like secret friends.


“We are like secret friends…”

Dragged from New York to Texas by her newly-divorced father, Scarlet Beldon braces for a lonely summer in a Victorian house that allows only the faintest of wifi signals. A stack of letters dated 1910 introduces her to the house’s former occupant, Clara Castle, who lives with a strict and paranoid father. When a music box connects the girls’ worlds, their friendship turns into a mad scramble to unlock the secrets of Clara’s future and alter history itself.

Some friendships can span across a century.


Orphaned and the only caretaker for his crippled brother, Trey Cunningham works at the local soda shop after school. Though he’s the best dancer in town, the missing growth spurts and local bullies team together to obliterate his chances to find a girlfriend. When another orphan arrives in town, she seems the perfect partner’if she was allowed to dance. But the girl of his dreams hides secrets far more dangerous than forbidden dance lessons. Caught between the growing tension between his brother and the growing suspicion of townsfolk, Trey must decide how far he’s willing to go to protect the two people he loves most.

Some secrets are more dangerous than a forbidden dance.


Use this journal to: 

  • Meet your characters
  • Imagine and create your locations
  • Define the goals of every chapter
  • Tally up your progress
  • Chronicle your writing sessions
  • Remember the names of all those characters you keep forgetting

This will be the easiest book you’ve ever drafted.
You’re welcome.